The Land Out of TimeThe Land Out of Time
Desperate TimesDesperate Times


In RuneScape’s newest skill, you’ll use your mattock and trowel to solve some of the biggest mysteries of Gielinor’s past. You’ll excavate strange relics, restore them, and ultimately gain their powers. You’ll rediscover ancient creatures and summon them to do your bidding, reinvent ancient technologies – and ultimately, earn the right to call yourself an Archaeology Master.

Stormguard Citadel

Expedition details coming November


Long ago, this ruined lighthouse was a beacon of hope for the peaceful Icyene people – but that hope was shattered when the Vampyre nation attacked. Can you piece together the stories of this lost civilisation, and finally lay Everlight’s beam to rest?


It was at the fortress of Kharid-Et that the Mahjarrat first encountered Zaros and chose to join the cause of chaos. But it wasn’t only the great figures of history who lived and fought here. There were also ordinary people and soldiers, caught up in a war they could not win. Join Dr Nabanik to reveal the story of a people under siege, and discover how – or if – they survived…


Expedition details coming December

Infernal Source

The proprietor of the Jolly Boar Inn has discovered something unusual in the cellar and needs the Archaeology Guild to investigate. Rumour has it that the building was once home to a mysterious religious order who would conduct strange rituals in the dead of night to summon all manner of horrible creatures. But those are just rumours… right?

The Land Out of Time

Set Sail

Embark on a voyage of discovery to a long-forgotten land. Hunt down hulking beasts, traverse a treacherous landscape, slay dangerous new creatures and unearth ancient secrets previously lost to time.



There are eight new Slayer monsters to tackle and a brand new task type that makes the skill more flexible than ever. Our dark and mysterious new Slayer Master, Laniakea, is ready and waiting to offer high-level players brand new challenges that span the whole of Gielinor.

Big Game Hunter

Enjoy a brand new training method for the Hunter skill. Squaring off the island monstrous dinosaurs is out of the question, and if you hope to get the better of them you’ll need to think on your feet. Master the new combat mechanics to win huge XP drops and boss quality loot.

Agility Course

The dynamic new Agility Course gives you more reason than ever to train the skill, and you’ll have a better time doing so than ever before. It’s not only the quickest way of traversing the island, but also a great way to grab loot and charge new abilities.

Facebook Companion

Discover a new way to explore The Land Out of Time with our interactive Messenger Companion. Find quick info, learn the best ways to skill, and prepare for your journey to Anachronia!

Desperate Times

The Story

The Elder Gods are waking and threatening to destroy all mortal life. Seren, the goddess of the elves, has summoned representatives of all the races, religions and alliances in Gielinor in an attempt to find a solution. As diplomacy proves difficult and it seems all hope is lost, an alternative solution is presented by an unlikely ally. Join the mighty Thok and the mysterious dragonkin Kerapac as you investigate ancient artefacts, solve puzzles and witness the past as you never have before.